From the Mille Miglia to the modern Heroes, the Futa Pass has been a timeless destination. From Stirling Moss to Ferrari, man and machinery have been testing their ability behind any psychological and physical limit. If you think the TT race or Le Mans are the ultimate test, well this is what society want you to think. The real test can only take place behind the curtains only within a small circle of connoisseurs. Let us give you the joy and pride to make you part of this secret circle.

66.2 km, including the Passo della Futa of Mille Miglia fame.


In order to give you the entire flavour of what was the atmosphere of the road racing in the 70s, you will start the experience as a passenger in the extremely physically E.C. OnlyOne P8 one-off prototype, which is the pinnacle concerning a race car with a plate number and is able to extract the most from the Futa racetrack.


A concentrate of fun, highly educational, to be configured on your personal goals: win in the most important circuits in the world or simply have fun and improve your driving skills as a pilot. We create a program tailored for you with exclusive cars, coach and mechanic service.



Experience is tailored for one or two people. The path will be illustrated  in a warm-up lap, guided coaching by Enea Casoni. The starting point – Chalet della Raticosa is located 968m above the sea level. The track is 60 km long and contains  all kinds of corners where you will have the opportunity to increase your skills like a racing driver.

• Price on request.